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How to Handle Health Saboteurs!

“Just one cookie -- c’mon, it’s a birthday party.”

“Do you really have to go to the gym again? Don’t you want to spend time with me?”

“I made this, don’t you want to try it?”

Ever since you started exercising and eating well, you may have noticed certain people in your life are trying to sabotage your efforts.

They may not even be aware they are doing this, but the cause is almost always rooted in their own feelings of insecurity or vulnerability.

When someone tries to get you to eat unhealthy food or attempts to prevent you from exercising, you can handle it in a few ways.

If it’s someone close to you, like a spouse or family member, try being honest and upfront. Reassure this person that you love them, and you aren’t going anywhere. Tell them, “This is important to me, and I need your help and understanding.”

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